Chuson Welding Electrode NC-316L #8 (4.0MM)

Applications Welding of AISI (SUS) 316L stainless steel.
Characteristics NC-316L and NC-316EL are lime-titania type electrodes for all-position welding.
As the weld metal is of austenitic structure containing proper quantity of ferrite crack
resistibility is good and usability is also good. As extra-low carbon weld metal can be
obtained, intergranular corrosion resistibility is superior to that of NC-316.
Creep rupture strength is also good.
Notes on usage (1) Keep the arc as short as possible and choose the welding current as low as possible

(2) Weaving width should be within two and a half times of electrode’s diameter.

(3) When the electrodes have absorbed moisture, dry them at 250~300℃ for 60~90
minutes before use.

(4) Remove dirts such as oil and dust from the groove.

Shielding Gas

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