Welding Inspection Ruler – HJC40B


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10 in stock

HJC40-B Welding Inspection Ruler

I.          The uses, measurement range and technical parameters of welding calipers are as shown in the table below


Measuring Items Range Tolerance for Indicating Value
Welding Thickness 0-40 ±0.2
Weld Line Height Multi-purpose Gauge 0-20 ±0.3
0-20 ±0.2
Weld Gap 1-3 ±0.2
Weldment Bevel Angle 0°-90° 30′


The product mainly consists of a main scale, a slider and a multi-purpose gauge. It is a weld detention gage used to detect the bevel angle of weldments, the height of various weld lines, weldment gaps and the plate thickness of weldments.


It is suitable for manufacturing boilers, bridges, chemical machinery, and ships and for inspecting the welding quality of pressure vessels.


This product is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance, which is easy to use.


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